Protect and Beautify Your Lips with Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss

If you ask beauty experts, most will say that lip gloss or lip stick is the most essential cosmetic in their beauty regimen. If you don’t wear much makeup or don’t have time to apply a full range of cosmetics, one thing you won’t want to do without is lip color. It’ll brighten your smile and tie in the colors of your fashion ensemble and accessories. Whether you’re running out to the store or returning from the gym, or you just want a touch of color, lip gloss or lip stick will add just the touch you need.

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Did you know that a quality lip gloss will also protect your lips from harsh weather and dryness? Wind and sunlight can damage your lips in the same way they can dry your skin.

If you’ve been using lip color for awhile, something you may have discovered is that all glosses are not created equal. Some are thin and watery. They wear off quickly. Some glosses actually dry your lips.

Where can you find high quality lip gloss?

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You’ve found it! Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss by Whitening Lightning offers highly pigmented and deeply rich color that actually protects your lips from the elements while beautifying your smile. An array of colors matches every item in your wardrobe. Choose two or three in a color scheme or mix and match and wear them together, creating your own unique shade.

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This video by Kelly Strack will introduce you to the world of Color Your Smile Lip Gloss: Watch it to learn more, and then visit the Whitening Lightning website to choose your favorite colors.

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