Pucker up with Jamie Lyn Barton: Grape Soda and Buttercream — YUM!

Jamie Lyn Barton

What do you remember about birthday parties growing up? Many of us remember Buttercream and Grape Soda. Gerard Cosmetics Remembers too!

Those are just two of the yummy colors in our new lipstick line. You can see both of them in this swatch video posted by Jamie Lyn Barton. Click on the video screen to play:

Jamie Lyn also demonstrates Underground, Tequila Sunrise, and Spring Fling, among other lip glosses and lipsticks in the Gerard Cosmetics line.

Jamie lyn Barton  Jamie Lyn BartonWL Jamie Lyn Barton

Lip care is an important part of skincare. Here are a few lip-tips from Gerard Cosmetics:

Dead Skin and Dryness

Are your lips dry or sun-damaged? Mix a little lemon and sugar and gently scrub your lips. The sugar will help exfoliate dead skin and the lemon will refresh. Keep your lips healthy by resisting biting your lips! Biting will cause your lips to peel.

Stay hydrated–drink Lots of water. Your lips and the rest of your skin will benefit. Dry lips are a sure-fire sign that maybe you need to hit the bottle — the water bottle — more often!

Use high-quality lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics new line of sexy, full-color lipsticks. If you prefer gloss, Color Your Smile lighted lip gloss is rich, creamy and contains a plumping agent to fill out your pretty lips.

Get to know us! Visit Gerard Cosmetics website, http://www.gerardcosmetics.com/  and click on the SHOP button. The drop down box will appear. Click on the word “Lips”. Also, now through July 23rd pick up 4 lip color products for just $38; an unbelievable value.

Thank you for an excellent swatch demo, Jamie Lyn!

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