A Sweeeeet Whitening Lightning Recap of the Sweet Charity Cake Auction!

Attendees of the Sweet Charity Cake Auction in Santa Clarita, CA were up to their eyeballs in confectionery concoctions and one-of-a-kind designs on Wednesday March 12th. Fondant Sponsor and Youth Project supporter, Jen Gerard (CEO Whitening Lightning), was onsite passing out free samples of her new cosmetic line, Gerard Cosmetics. Whitening Lightning is known world-wide for our at home teeth whitening system and other brands http://www.whiteninglightning.com

“I love the Youth Project,” said Jennifer Gerard, CEO of Whitening Lighting and Gerard Cosmetics. “It does amazing things for our city. I’ve lived in the SCV for 34 years and what they do is fantastic.”

Among the cakes on display was a cake sponsored by Whitening Lightning,  featuring the “mirror ball trophy” from the ABC television program “Dancing With the Stars.” Crafted by Kokolita Cakes, the cake honors Whitening Lightning’s involvement with Dancing With the Stars.

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Southern California innovator, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene as a mobile teeth whitening service in 2010. Her company grew rapidly and soon Whitening Lightning became an international rage as well as a favorite for teeth whitening among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. For information on at home teeth whitening products, please visit http://www.whiteninglightning.com

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