Rules for Wearing White


Most everyone has heard that it’s not only unfashionable but diclasse to wear white before Memorial Day. Not any more! Esquire Magazine and Huffington Post point out that along with a few other fashion-limiting beliefs, that rule has “gone the way of the dinosaur”.

If you caught the Oscars, you may have noted  Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence all wore lovely shades of white. Go on, pull that white blazer out of the closet and lace up those strappy-white sandals! White accessories will brighten any ensemble throughout spring and summer, and colorful accessories will winterize a mostly-white outfit.

And while you’re at it, why not whiten your teeth?

Just as with fabric, white comes in different shades when it comes to teeth. Your teeth may be more a creamy shade while someone else may sport a stark-white grill. While not all whites are created equal, white is certainly a far cry from taupe or yellow. You’ll know the difference and so will everyone who glimpses your beautiful smile.

Whitening Lightning teeth whitening system and products are safe, pain-free and convenient. They’ll keep you at the top of fashion A-Lists all year long.

Santa Clarita Valley, CA innovator, Jennifer Gerard, launched Whitening Lightning as a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles, California in 2010. It has caught on with celebs and fans alike. To learn more about products, please visit

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