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Gerard Cosmetics sends out a big thank you to Sassy Ethnic Bohemian (Stylestar at Large) for a review of Brow Bar To Go. Visit her blog and learn how to Get Cute in 10 with Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar To Go.

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Sassy Suggests,

“Gerard Cosmetics has this gorgeous little Brow Bar To Go ($28) compact, complete with mirror. You get two rich, blendable powders to create your colors and a pot of brow wax to seal the color in all day. You can also use the powders for eye shadow and for contouring if you’re into that. Comes in blonde to brunette and medium to ebony.”

Visit Gerard Cosmetics to learn more about brow Bar To go and our other high-quality cosmetics. We created a special set with OPTIONS. Blond to brunette and brunette to ebony kits are both included. Create flawless arches. Use your imagination to mix and match colors for contouring and blend the neutral powders on the crease and eyelids as eye shadow.

On the Sassy Ethnic Bohemian site you’ll find  Society 6 store with original images and graphic designs on duvet covers, mugs, clocks, t-shirts and more. While you’re there, drop by Depop boutique a curated and handpicked selection of shoes, clothing, beauty products, accessories and more.

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