Sculpt Your Brows for a Fashionable Update

There are ways to update your look without spending a fortune. One way is to style your eyebrows differently. The shape of your eyebrows can change your look and even take years off your age.

Consider first the shape of your face. Is your face long? A flatter brow is best. Heart shaped faces are most flattered by a rounded brow and arches best compliment oval shaped faces. Whatever is in style, you’ll always win with a natural looking brow line.

Once you choose your style, you can either have a professional do the job or decide to tweeze or wax at home. Careful not to over-pluck! Some brow hairs don’t grow back. Take breaks and inspect your work as you go. Be sure to protect your eyes.

For dramatic look, some women consider dying their brows. You might also dye the color of your brows to match your hair color. Other ways of creating drama or filling in skimpy brows are to use brow make up. Whitening Lightning’s Brow Bar To Go gives you fuller, model-perfect brows.  No more penciling in your brows, only to watch them become uneven or disappear by the end of the day.  You can now enjoy fuller, more natural brows that stay even all day.

Beautiful brows and sparkling white teeth – this and a little lipstick is sometimes all you need.  Whitening Lightning offers both. Please visit our website  to learn about our beauty products.

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