Sloppy, Slimy, Blackened Teeth! Restore the Luster with Dial A Smile after Halloween

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Anyone who thinks Halloween is just for kids hasn’t been out after dark. When the candy bowl is empty and the porch light goes out, the BIG KIDS come out to play.

Out come the vampires and witches with their blackened teeth. The gory zombies with their bloodied mouths, having just feasted on the flesh of unsuspecting humans, move through the night.

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After the parties, when all creatures beastly and creepy slither home the scary part begins:

How do I get this stuff off my teeth!” They scream and scrape their gums raw.

After brushing and rubbing, the red and black dyes remain; as do the green and yellow used by swamp monsters. Oh, what will they do???

If you plan to color your teeth for Halloween and you don’t want to go through the next several weeks with discolored teeth, the first thing to remember is this: if possible apply a safe barrier to your teeth before the coloring agent or black wax.

Then … after the last glass of red wine, slip into your jammies and cuddle up with your Whitening Lightning Dial A Smile for 20 minutes and watch what happens.  

By the way, if you’re in the Los Angeles Area and headed to a Halloween party this week, check out these looks on Sally Van Swearingen’s Facebook wall! Reach her at: 818-974-3990

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