Snow White Smile and The 7 Tooth Defects

teeth with chocolate

Once upon a time,  a story was heard around the world about Snow White Smile and the 7 tooth defects. It was the same story with the same ending until one day, Snow White Smile met Whitening Lightning home teeth whitening system. Her life was changed forever!

This is their story.

One day, Snow White Smile woke up with a terrible toothache. Holding her hand over her cheek, she jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror. What she saw was not a pretty site.

Oh no! What happened? Her teeth were no longer white.  They were discolored, cracked and decayed. Snow White Smile was horrified. Her once-snowy-white smile was gone.

The night before, Snow White Smile had been to a party. While there, she ate and drank with abandon: strawberries, red wine and chocolate–LOTS of chocolate! While headed to the buffet table for another round of snacks, she met 7 Tooth defects. Their names were:

  1. Stain-ley
  2. Chip
  3. Din G.
  4. T. N. Coffee
  5. Redd Wyne
  6. D. EtCola
  7. Rox’n Seeds

Snow White Smile laughed and frolicked all night long with wild abandon. She had no idea the 7 Tooth Defects would be friends for life. What would she do?

Then she remembered something she overheard while at the party. Two princesses were talking about Dial A Smile home teeth whitening system. She remembered how gorgeous their smiles were, and how bright.

So Snow White Smile went to and ordered Dial A Smile. What a Surprise! She got in on a BONUS OFFER of 75% off all teeth whitening products. (Through the end of February)

After her first application, Snow White Smile could see her teeth were shades whiter! Four steps and 20-minutes was all it took to bring Snow White Smile’s bright smile back! She said good-bye to the 7  Tooth Defects forever. Whitening Lightning was her new best friend, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

How about you? Have you met one or more of the 7 Tooth Defects? Time to make some new friends. Introduce yourself to Dial A Smile by Whitening Lightning. And HURRY to get in on the 75% OFF Bonus!

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