Something to Smile About! ADA Helps Haitian Dental Library Reach Goals


The ADA is in the news. Recently, the American Dental Association was reported as helping the Haitian dental library reach its goal of opening. Whitening Lightning, formulator of the celebrity favorite home teeth whitening products thinks that’s something to smile about! With the assistance of ADA member dentists, a fundraiser was held to purchase new textbooks for The Faculté d’Odontologie at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti. As of May 25th, the library was only $300 short of its $3,000 goal.

An online fundraiser brought in enough funds to purchase 21 reference books for the education of the school’s 125 dental students. In the face of a system that offers no specialty training, the goal is to train dental students who, upon graduation, are able to diagnose and treat patients in rural Haiti. Access to dental care is even more limited there than in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

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Whitening Lightning believes that the basis of sound dental care is proper oral hygiene. Many of the world’s people struggling with poverty don’t have access to education that will help them preserve their teeth and gums. The generosity of ADA members is going to make a big difference in the lives of Haitians for generations to come.

How is your dental hygiene regimen? Tooth discoloration is caused, IN PART by poor dental hygiene. There are many factors that contribute, but oral hygiene is definitely one of them. Do you brush and floss regularly?

Before you consider whitening your teeth and removing tooth stains, get into a habit of daily oral care. Visit your dentist a couple times a year and be sure to include use of a soft to medium bristled brush on your teeth. If you’re a parent, teach your children while they’re young to do the same.

Once you develop good oral hygiene habits, take a look at your teeth. If they’re not perfectly white, don’t worry! Tooth enamel comes in many shades. Dial A Smile and Zero home teeth whitening products come with a dial that will help determine the shade your teeth are before you whiten, and the shade they are after JUST ONE application. That’s right–even after the first application you’ll see results.

There are other reasons good oral hygiene is important. In 2010, researchers from New York University (NYU) discovered a link between gum inflammation and Alzheimers disease.

In 2013, UK-based researchers building on the findings of this study compared brain samples from 10 living patients with Alzheimer’s with 10 brain samples from people who did not have the disease. Here is what they found:

A bacterium called Porphyromonas gingivalis was present in the Alzheimer’s brain samples but not in the samples from the brains of subjects who didn’t have Alzheimer’s.  P. gingivalis is usually associated with chronic gum disease.

Take care of your teeth!

Whitening Lightning presented information on the relationship between gum disease and cognitive decline. To read the article, click on Whitening Lightning.

We salute the members of the ADA who contributed to the Haitian Dental Library and for making a difference.

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