Why Do Japanese Women Pay For Crooked Teeth? The Yaeba Look

Yaeba Teeth

While most people pay to have crooked teeth straightened, some Japanese women pay for crooked teeth. The Yaeba look, as it is called, is said to be found attractive to Japanese men, who find it “childlike”. The process involves crowding the teeth and attaching fang-like teeth to the canines. Yaeba literally means ‘multilayered’ or ‘double’ tooth, and describes

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Beauty & Style Expert Enya Flack Recommends Zero White Home Teeth Whitening Products!


Enya Flack, Beauty & Style Expert from It’s a Glam Thing answers your “Beauty Fix It” questions, INCLUDING how to deal with tooth discoloration when you suffer from mouth pain. Click here to read: http://blog.prettycity.com/lisacocuzza/2016/03/15/beauty-fix-it-questions-answers/ Dial-a-Smile is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. They love the effective treatment they get in just 20 minutes. Just imagine your

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Have you Heard About The NEW Malibu Times Giveaway? Home Teeth Whitening Products!

It's a Glam Thing giveaway

Have you heard about the NEW Malibu Times Giveaway? Whitening Lightning and Gerard Cosmetics are included once again. Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning products are some of the most sought-after online products. You can’t buy them in a store, but you can check them out and shop by visiting our websites. If you’re not familiar

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