Why Do Teeth Darken With Age? (There’s Help for Tooth Discoloration)

If you’re over the age of 30 and wonder what happened to the sun-blinding smile of your youth, there may be several factors involved.
First of all, when we’re young most of us don’t smoke, drink coffee or sip red wine. These three items top the list when it comes to tooth stains. If you partake—even occasionally—in any of them, you may be paying the price with grossly discolored teeth.

Are the stains permanent? Not always.

It depends on how often you consume products that stain and how well you’ve taken care of your teeth over the years. Just think about what happens when you dye clothing or color your hair. The instructions say to leave the dye on for a certain amount of time. Any less and you risk a lighter shade than the one you’re after.


The same thing occurs when your teeth come into contact with chromogenic (coloring) agents found in certain foods and products. The longer they remain on your teeth, the more likely they’ll …remain on your teeth!

Is all lost? Are we to choose between sparkling smiles and enjoying the food and beverages we love?

Heavens no! Tooth discoloration doesn’t need to win. Eat, drink and be merry — just be sure you take good care of your teeth and keep them their whitest for as long as possible as you grow older. Besides, food isn’t the ONLY culprit to darkening teeth as we age.

Zero White Teeth Whitening System

Under the enamel is what’s called DENTIN. It’s darker than the surface of our teeth. As we age our skin thins, and so does our tooth enamel. When this happens the dentin shows through, causing the look of the teeth to darken. The only way this can be affected is to carefully protect your tooth enamel for as long as possible. Brush regularly to remove corrosive elements and invest in a high quality teeth whitening system such as Dial A Smile or Zero White Teeth Whitening System by Whitening Lightning. Go to battle with tooth discoloration NOW.

Age gracefully!

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