That First Impression … Oh, oh, Yellow Teeth?

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That first impression … the old saying is “you only have one chance to make a GOOD fist impression.” Is it true? Do people judge you harshly if you have yellow teeth?

Unfortunately, many first impressions are solely based on appearance. Does this mean it doesn’t matter if you have a great personality or BIG heart? At first, no. As people get to know you they will learn about your inner beauty, but at first they take you at “face value.”

When we first meet people, we usually smile. This creates a positive first impression. When our teeth are bright and white, it’s easier to smile confidently, and our first impression is a good one.

But what if our teeth have yellowed? What kind of first impression will a smile create? Will people judge you because of your discolored teeth?

It’s hard to determine how and why people judge someone with yellow teeth. Some might not even notice! But do you want to risk it?

Business Introductions

In businesses interactions positive first impressions are key. Yellow teeth might stand in the way of your success because of judgment. If your smile is dull, people might come to their own conclusions about why. They might assume you’re a smoker or you drink too much coffee or wine.

None of those things are based in fact, but some people won’t even ask. They might assume your health is poor or you’re lacking in self-confidence. Worse of all, they might think you have poor hygiene.

None of those things might be true, but some people won’t stick around long enough to find out. Is there anything you can do?

You can whiten teeth at home with Dial A Smile home teeth whitening system. It’s convenient because you do it at your leisure, in the privacy of your own home. It’s also effective. It works well every time. In just 20 minutes your once yellow teeth will be shades whiter.

When Whitening Lightning first introduced Dial A Smile, Hollywood celebrities went wild. It’s still a favorite among those who need to be ready for the camera 24/7.

Don’t lose opportunities because of a bad first impression. Whiten your teeth at home with Dial A Smile.

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