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When is it time to update your cosmetic bag and skin care products? Cosmetics don’t last forever. In fact, there are probably several products in your medicine cabinet or cosmetic bag with expiration dates going as far back as your high school prom. Some products don’t have expiration dates. It’s not required by law.

Are they safe to use?

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Autumn is here and it’s a good time to sweep through your storage containers and drawers to look for outdated products. Not only might some of the colors qualify as vintage, old cosmetics pose potential health risks. After awhile they start to break down. Your night cream might be lumpy or not work as well, and your makeup may begin to change color or streak. Some creams begin to separate and/or smell bad. Time to toss!


The most important reason to toss is the risk of infection. When you use brushes or tools that touch your skin or eyes and then put them back into the product, bacteria hitches a ride. Over time colonies grow in your products and when contact is made with your sensitive tissues, such as your inner eye lids, infection can occur due to cross contamination.

NOTE: Interestingly, it has been determined that bacteria is already present, even before use!

Powders last longer than do liquids, and products packaged in air-tight containers last longer than those open to the air. A couple rules of thumb:

  1. If an expiration date is listed on the label, be mindful of it, even though the product may last longer.
  2. Mascara should be replaced every three months.
  3. If you have blue eye shadow, it’s old. Really old.

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