Tips on Goal Setting from Gerard Cosmetics


These tips on goal setting come from busy Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning team members who want to share their secrets of success with you. The general consensus is SET GOALS!

Create a To-Do List (and read it)

Creating a to-do list will take the stuff cluttering your mind and put it on paper so you can use your thoughts for other areas of your life. Be sure to keep up with it and read it so you can get things done.  There are lots of programs out there from planners to build-your-own systems. The goal is to stay organized so be sure to create a system you can use.

If you’re using a DIY system (do it yourself) write the date at the top of the page. Write down all the tasks you need to do. Remember to list projects, errands, and decisions that need to be made. Don’t leave anything out. Then break them down by category.

What Are Your Long-term Goals? 

Your dreams and aspirations would fit into the category of Long-term goals. What do you want to do with your life? Include your thoughts on relationships, partnership, and children. You might think you know what you want but when you put it down on paper you can really take a close look.

What Are Your Annual and Monthly Goals? 

Some of these goals happen every month, some once a year. You might include bill paying, classes or other things that happen on somewhat a regular basis. You might want to add cleaning out your makeup bag every 6-months or so to be sure you’re using fresh cosmetics.

What Are Your Weekly Goals? 

What do you need to accomplish in a week’s time? Do you go grocery shopping every week? Do you attend church or meetings? Do you call your grandmother every week? Maybe twice a week!!!  Do you whiten teeth at home? Some do it once a week and others once a month. Dial A Smile home teeth whitening system takes just 20 minutes at night before bed.

What Are Your Daily Goals?

These are activities and tasks you need to do every day. Hygiene is included as well as your daily makeup routine. Gerard Cosmetics customers spend time creating their unique and beautiful looks after first caring for their skin. They also remove their makeup at the end of every day. Click on Gerard Cosmetics for tips!

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