Use BLO&GO Hands-free Blow Dryer Holder for Victoria’s Secret Hair

Is having hair like a Super Model Hair on your wish list? That salon-perfect coif can be yours without the expense of going for professional services. BLO&GO by Whitening Lightning will help you style your hair–long or short–right from home anytime.

Start with clean hair using a quality shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is colored or chemically treated be sure you use products that won’t dry or damage, especially if you wash your hair every day. One ingredient found in many natural shampoos is actually not so good for color treated hair: Ti Tree Oil can strip the color after even one use.

Ask your hair stylist for a recommendation of products that are safe to use regularly on your hair. He or she will know what’s best for your type of hair.

As for styling, using the right types of tools will make a huge difference with your model-perfect Victoria’s Secret hair. For instance,the right size brush is essential. Will you need a round brush? If you want to straighten your hair a large brush will work best. Small curls require a smaller brush. Bristles make a difference too. Some brushes have larger bristles spaced farther apart and other brushes have thin bristles that are tightly packed.

The next thing to consider when going for Victoria’s Secret Hair–or the types of styles models sport on runways and at glamorous special events–AS WELL AS day-to-day like the rest of us… be sure to check out BLO&GO by Whitening Lightning.


BLO&GO will allow you to have salon-perfect styles every day. Just use the suction cup on the end to position it on your mirror and you can blow dry your hair hands-free. Both hands will be free to style. Check out this feature of BLO&GO in the Examiner:

Use the tips in this article to have the professional look you want right from home!

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Southern California innovator and CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled her home teeth whitening company, Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene in 2010.  Whitening Lightning became an international rage among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. In 2014 sister company, Gerard Cosmetics  took center stage. Beauty experts around the world are thrilled by the quality of these fine cosmetic products.

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