What Do You Associate with Good Oral Health?

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If you’re like most people, you associate good oral health with two things – brushing your teeth and flossing. There’s no doubt that those things will go a long way toward keeping your mouth in good shape. They definitely help remove the dingy stains that hide your smile. They can also head off potential cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. But Dial A Smile want’s you to know that good oral health entails a lot more than that.

Your Gums!

Let’s start with your gums. They are vitally important to the health of your mouth because they support your teeth. Your dentist has probably told you how important it is it to floss, so don’t take that advice lightly. Healthy gums cover the entire root of the teeth and they shouldn’t bleed when brushed, poked or prodded. It can sometimes seem like a hassle to floss, but consider the alternative. How would you like to lose half of your teeth before you turn 50?

Another factor that plays an important role in oral health is your oral mucosa. And no, not that’s not the name of a debate class you’d be taking in Italy. The oral mucosa refers to the protective mucous membrane lining that covers virtually everything in your mouth except your teeth. It’s similar to the mucous membranes that line your nostrils and inner ears – not that you’ve ever checked on that!

The oral mucosa defends your body from germs and other irritants that can enter your mouth.It’s aided by a tough material called keratin which helps guard the oral mucosa against injury.

Your tongue and salivary glands are also important. The tongue, which includes your taste buds, moves food to your teeth so you can chew. And when you’re ready to swallow it will move the food to the back of your throat to it can move on to the esophagus.

So the next time you’re brushing your teeth, think about all of these parts and how they interact. By brushing your teeth and flossing, you’ll set the stage for a healthy mouth!

Before you whiten teeth at home, begin with good oral hygiene. That’s the foundation. Dial A Smile users brush, floss and care for their teeth because they know it’s the only natural set you’ll ever have.

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