Where was the 1st Commercial Toothbrush Invented?


Did you ever wonder where the 1st commercial toothbrush was invented?

First, a little history….

Humans have been brushing our teeth for thousands of years. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors who ate mostly fruits and vegetables, unless their tribal hunters scored an animal for dinner, cleaned their teeth with leaves and weeds. Some eventually used harsher vegetation.

Later in history people fashioned toothbrushes out of twigs wrapped in twine. Even back then nobody wanted that yucky feeling of food stuck between your teeth.

But word has it that it wasn’t until 1770 a toothbrush resembling what we use today was invented. Who invented it? Historical accounts tell us an Englishman who was serving time in prison for inciting a riot created the first toothbrush.

It’s said he designed a toothbrush out of an animal bone and bristles! what kind of animal we don’t know….

Since then, toothbrushes have come a long way. But it is nice to know that if you’re on a hike or camping and you forget your toothbrush at home at least you have choices!

Today there are hundreds of varieties of toothbrushes on the market. Do you know how to pick the right one?

There are toothbrushes with soft bristles and ones with hard bristles. Which is best?  It’s easy it is to get confused by all the choices. Whitening Lightning offers these tips to make your search for the right toothbrush a lot easier.

  • When picking a toothbrush, a softer brush is best. Softer bristles are easier on your gums. When you brush, you want to clean your teeth, not injure your gums.
  • It’s best to use an ADA-recommended toothbrush with medium-soft, nylon bristles.

Does Brushing Whiten Teeth? 

Brushing teeth will not whiten, although brushing does remove sediments and film that can discolor teeth. The first step in whitening your teeth is proper dental hygiene. Brush regularly and use a good quality toothpaste. Then, to remove dingy discoloration and stains from foods and beverages, use Dial A Smile home teeth whitening system.

Dial A Smile home teeth whitening products have been whitening teeth at home for over six years. It’s a favorite of Hollywood Celebrities and beauty experts worldwide. Whitening Lightning products contain no harmful chemicals or poisons as do some of the other home whitening products on the market.

Whether it’s a toothbrush or teeth whitening products, make sure you know what you’re putting into your mouth.

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