Whitening Lightning Proudly Sponsor’s Successful 3rd Annual SCV Charity Chili Cook-off

The community of Santa Clarita, CA, hometown of Whitening Lightning CEO Jennifer Gerard, came back for a heaping 3rd helping at this year’s The SCV Charity Chili Cook-off.  Presented by Whitening Lightning and spearheaded by Marcy James, Nicole Stinson and a committee of dedicated community leaders, the third annual event featured 40 samples of chili, a live band, silent auction, a photo booth, a kids’ corner and a video game station.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit three local charities — Bridge to Home, LARC Ranch and Help the Children.

Chili Cook-off 2015

L-R; Event Co-chair, Nicole Stinson, 1st Place Winner, Jason Vasquez, Whitening Lightning CEO, Jennifer Gerard, Marcy James, Event Co-chair

“We are excited about the fast growth of this fun event and the hope is to increase our fundraising goal this year to $40,000,” said Nicole Stinson. “We think it may be time to find a larger venue after seeing the amount of gracious support of our community and business leaders donating and supporting the cause.”

This is also the 3rd year Whitening Lightning has sponsored the Charity chili Cook-off,  as one of many local events since our inception in 2010. CEO Jennifer Gerard, who launched Gerard Cosmetics in 2014, is committed to supporting her community. She believes not only in giving back, but also in paying it forward.

WL Chili Feature

In an effort to implement suggestions from year to year, two separate competitions were held this year: the People’s Choice Chili and the Judges Choice. For the People’s Choice portion of the competition, attendees received a booklet containing one voting ticket. They cast their votes by dropping their ticket to their favorite chili in the designated-voting area. The chili-cooker ending the night with the most votes won a trophy.

During the Judges Choice portion of the Charity Chili Cook-off competition, six judges cast blind votes for their favorite chili. The best-decorated booth was also acknowledged. This year’s winner was the tech-savvy Jason Vasquez. Turns out he knows more than just computers!

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