Whitening Lightning rubs shoulders with Hollywood celebs

Whitening Lightning recently participated in a celebrity sporting event in the mountains outside Los Angeles. We got to rub shoulders with more than 100 Hollywood big name stars, including the cast from the hit TV series, “Criminal Minds.”

On hand from the show were Joe Montegna, AJ Cook, Pager Brewster, Josh Stewart and Matthew Gray Gubler. Soap opera stars Tristan Rogers and Judith Chapman were also there, as well as Jerry Mathers from “Leave it to Beaver,” Christopher Knight of “The Brady Bunch,” Frank Stallone and many others.

Those who were there got to enjoy spa treatments, jewelry, numerology readings, beauty products and lots of other cool items, including pet leashes.

And speaking of Hollywood, lots of celebs are singing the praises of Whitening Lightning. Check out these comments:

“We Love your products!” said actor Dominic Scott Kay, who appeared in “Charlotte’s Web”¬† and “Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End.”

Here’s what celebrity stylist¬†¬† Michelle Stokes had to say:

“The best costumer service reps ever!” Stockes said. “Used my products this morning! Love them!”

Hollywood celebs are turning to Whitening Lightning because their profession demands that they look their absolute best. But our products can make just as a big transformation in your life!

For more information, visit Whitening Lightning at www.whiteninglightning.com.

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