Whitening Lightning Strikes Again: Meet Amiable Amy

It all started with baking soda; a dab on the toothbrush with a little water made the teeth of yesteryear their whitest. Whitening Lightning has taken the best of what baking soda has to offer and made it better with natural teeth whitening products folks are raving about. The best part is you can whiten your teeth at home.

The following review by AmiableĀ  Amy in her Business Matters : Anything That Involves Around It blog, takes you through an at home teeth whitening experience from the perspective of someone who, until the day she became acquainted with Whitening Lightning says she had only used toothpaste and floss to care for her teeth.

Amy was surprised that Whitening Lightning’s Zero White Teeth Whitening System was not only made of natural ingredients like baking soda and not peroxide, like other teeth whitening products, but also tasted good. We loved reading her play-byplay and thought you would too. Please click on the link below:


Southern California innovator, Jennifer Gerard, wheeled Whitening Lightning onto the teeth whitening scene as a mobile teeth whitening service in 2010. Her company grew rapidly and soon Whitening Lightning became an international rage as well as a favorite for teeth whitening among celebrities, entertainers and their fans. For information on at home teeth whitening products, please visit http://www.whiteninglightning.com.

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