Three Reasons Teeth Darken with Age

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Why do teeth darken with age? There may be several factors involved. Here are a few.


Do you smoke cigarettes? That might be one of the problems, especially if you’ve been smoking for a number of years. Smokers’ teeth often take on a yellowish/brown tint from the nicotine and tobacco. These stains can be hard to remove by brushing alone, and over many years become quite stubborn.

Coffee and Red Wine 

Drinking coffee or sipping red wine can also darken teeth as we age. Just think of what happens when we spill coffee or wine on white fabric. It stains. Most of the time unless we work quickly, these stains don’t come out.

Cigarette smoke, coffee/tea and red wine top the list of tooth stains. If we play, we pay: as we age we pay the price with grossly discolored teeth.

Are the stains permanent? Not always.

Taking good care of our teeth as we age may not prevent staining, but it helps. Today whitening teeth at home is easier than ever and can be part of a regular routine of brushing to combat dark stains on teeth and tooth discoloration.

Brush often. Here’s why….

When our teeth come into contact with chromogenic (coloring) agents found in certain foods and products, they are also at risk. The longer these artificial dyes remain on our teeth, the more likely they’ll … remain on our teeth!

Does this mean we need to choose between white teeth and the foods and beverages we love? No! It just means we need to have a good regimen of dental hygiene and home teeth whitening.

Tooth discoloration doesn’t need to win. Eat what you love, drink what quenches your thirst and enjoy life — just be sure you take good care of your teeth and keep them their whitest for as long as possible as you grow older.

Is Food The Only Problem? 

Food isn’t the ONLY culprit darkening teeth as we age. Under the enamel, which covers our teeth, is something called dentin. This is darker than the surface of our teeth. As our tooth enamel thins, just as our skin does. When this happens the dentin shows through, causing the teeth to look darker.

The only way we can slow this process down is to carefully protect our tooth enamel for as long as possible. Brushing regularly removes corrosive elements that cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Whitening teeth at home with Dial A Smile or Zero Teeth Whitening system helps preserve teeth and bright smiles. It’s easy to use and highly effective. In as little as 20-minutes your teeth will be shades whiter. In the privacy of your home you can remove dark stains on teeth and in four short steps they’ll sparkle!

Do battle with tooth discoloration NOW and age gracefully.

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