Wine Season is On Its Way. Heed This Valuable Tip for White Teeth!

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If you’re a wine lover, every season is wine season, right? That being the case, the tip for sparkling white teeth I’m about to give you is even more important.

Wine season usually revolves around harvest time. Many wine tastings and wine related events tend to be planned. You probably get invited to wine related fund raisers, harvest celebrations and special events in vineyards around this time of year.

If you linger over deep, red Merlot, hearty Cabernet, and (who doesn’t love a Syrah?) other red wines, you probably already know that along with coffee and tea, red wines are a major culprit of discolored teeth. Add cigarettes to the mix and nothing dulls your smile like these.

I’m not going to suggest you avoid them, but the tip for white teeth I have to share may surprise you.

First let me ask, what is one form of personal hygiene you always do before leaving the house? Pretty easy answer for most of us. Would you ever step out for the evening or plan to be with other people without … brushing your teeth?

Heavens, no! Halitosis is a killer when it comes to socializing. And other than scraggly, discolored teeth, people usually remember if you’re known for bad breath. So what does this have to do with wine-stained teeth?

TIP: Think before you brush!

Brushing your teeth immediately before or after drinking wine allows the enamel to become porous. It’s a sure-fire way to, well, dye your teeth! Brush early and then wait awhile before scrubbing away again.  Doing so will make it less likely you’ll have to tackle stubborn stains.

Enjoy your wine this fall and smile wide! remember Whitening Lightning for that dynamic luster everyone you’ll meet will remember.

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