Which Are The Worst Foods For Your Teeth?

Red wine

Do you know which foods are the worst for your teeth? It might be easy to guess which foods can discolor teeth, but we’re talking about more than aesthetics. Certain foods can do more than stain. They can damage your teeth for life.

We grow up learning we should brush several times a day. Candy causes cavities and Whitening Lightning customers know  coffee or tea are major culprits in the yellowing of enamel. But the following foods can actually do great harm. If you want to preserve your bright smile and hold onto your teeth for life, here’s some valuable information:


Soda is laden with sugar. Using a typical packet of sugar to measure, how many packets do you think there are in a can of soda? Are there 5? Maybe 10?  A can of non-diet soda contains 19 packets of sugar. When you drink, you coat your teeth with all that sugar. If you plan to drink soda, use a straw to get less on your teeth and be sure to rinse or brush afterward.

The sugar in your soda turns to plaque and after that to tartar, a hard substance that must be chiseled away by the dental tech or dentist. If left unchecked, tartar can creep under gums and contribute to periodontal disease.

Dark colored sodas discolor teeth and any kind of soda is an enemy of enamel. Soda is acidic and eats away at enamel which cannot grow back.

Hard or Soft Candy

While we’re on the sugar tip, we’ll revisit the topic of candy mentioned earlier. Hard or soft, processed sugar is the worst thing for your teeth. If you chew candy, such as gummy bears, you run the risk of it sticking to your teeth and allowing bacteria to have a field day.

Hard candy is a double edged sword: if you suck it you’re doing the same thing you do when you drink soda–filling your mouth with sugary liquid. If you chew it, you risk breaking or chipping a tooth. Hard cany also sticks to the ridges on the upper side of your molars until it melts. Again, cavity bugs feast away.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is actually worse than certain kinds of candy. It’s sticky. It gets packed into the tight spots and ridges just as gummy bears do. The highly concentrated sugar ticks to teeth and just like candy, invites bacteria for a feast.

Alcoholic Beverages 

Even though alcohol contains one of the highest concentrations of sugar, the danger to your teeth of drinking it is because it limits the flow of saliva. Saliva helps to break down sugars. Less saliva, more sugary residue on teeth and gums.


Ice is made of water! There’s no sugar; nothing for cavity bugs to dine on. However, when you chew on it, it becomes one of the most dangerous threats to enamel. Enamel covers and protects your teeth and when you damage it, your teeth become vulnerable to decay and other forms of damage.

There are other foods that can wreak havoc in your mouth, including those that stain and discolor. We’ve saved those until last. This is where you have to most control.

Aside from the earlier mentioned coffee and tea, risky foods and beverages are: dark red fruits and vegetables, red wine, colas, and foods containing dyes. Does this mean you should take them out of your diet? Other than artificial colors, which are bad in many ways, you can feel free to eat and drink what you like. Just be sure to maintain proper dental hygiene and whiten teeth at home.

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