Your Best Colors: When it Comes to your Teeth, Yellow is Not One of Them!


Depending on your skin tone, some colors look better on you than others. You’ve probably noticed that certain colors make your skin glow and bring out the highlights in your hair.

There is however, one color group that works for everyone: jewel tones. These vivid colors make anyone look radiant – unless of course, we’re talking about the color of your teeth. In this case, white makes you look your best, no matter your skin tone.

For instance, a yellow swimsuit might flatter your warm-toned figure, but when it comes to your smile, yellow teeth will do nothing but detract from your beauty. Interestingly, discolored teeth can be even more noticeable on cool-toned skin. Nobody wants dingy teeth!

Whitening Lightningmakes sure you never have to worry about discolored teeth. Our teeth whitening system is all natural, convenient and inexpensive. We make it easy to maintain your dazzling smile and because our teeth whitening products are less expensive than many on the market, you’ll have enough left in your budget for that jewel-toned wardrobe.





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