Why Do Japanese Women Pay For Crooked Teeth? The Yaeba Look

Yaeba Teeth

While most people pay to have crooked teeth straightened, some Japanese women pay for crooked teeth. The Yaeba look, as it is called, is said to be found attractive to Japanese men, who find it “childlike”. The process involves crowding the teeth and attaching fang-like teeth to the canines. Yaeba literally means ‘multilayered’ or ‘double’ tooth, and describes

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Beauty & Style Expert Enya Flack Recommends Zero White Home Teeth Whitening Products!


Enya Flack, Beauty & Style Expert from It’s a Glam Thing answers your “Beauty Fix It” questions, INCLUDING how to deal with tooth discoloration when you suffer from mouth pain. Click here to read: http://blog.prettycity.com/lisacocuzza/2016/03/15/beauty-fix-it-questions-answers/ Dial-a-Smile is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. They love the effective treatment they get in just 20 minutes. Just imagine your

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Nation-ALIST Features Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Again This Month

WL NationAlist March 2016 cover

Did you see it? Nation-ALIST Magazine featured Gerard Cosmetics lipstick for the second month in a row. Nation-Alist an American Lifestyle Magazine that features MADE in AMERICA talents, products, companies, artists and designers. You’ll find the latest information on Fashion, Style, Music, Beauty, Health, and Fitness. This month’s cover model is Kira Kosarin, an American actress

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Lisa Cocuzza Highlights Brow Bar to Go: Beauty Woes and Their Fixes

WL Lisa Cocuzza Examiner

Lisa Cocuzza–examiner.com and It’s a Glam Thing–shares some great advice about how to fix those beauty woes we all deal with in her most recent article. She highlights Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar to Go among other favorite products. Read the whole article here: http://www.examiner.com/article/beauty-woes-and-their-fixes Brow Bar to Go comes in two shade trios: one for

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