Gerard Cosmetics Supports Breast Cancer Awareness with Pink Lighted Lip Glosses!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and in honor of all of the survivors and others who’ve had to deal with breast cancer, Gerard Cosmetics has launched a phenomenal promotion!

Please help us support breast cancer awareness and at the same time enjoy your opportunity to experience Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss pink shades. The five pink colors are:

Pink Tiara Whitening Lightning Pink Tiara Color Your Smile Lip Gloss




                                                                                                                        Raspberry Sherbert   Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Raspberry Sherbet Lip Gloss image


Sugar Mama Whitening Lightning Sugar Mama Color Your Smile Lip Gloss









Whitening Lightning Fiji Color Your Smile Lip Gloss




Pink Frosting

Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Pink Tiara Lip Gloss banner



During the month of October when you use the code <PINK> at , you’ll receive $5.00 off each lip gloss that you purchase from the colors listed above, and Gerard Cosmetics will donate $1.00 to Breast Cancer!

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Visit http://www/  to see Gerard Cosmetics new lipstick line! Gerard Cosmetics Lip Color, 1995, also created by Jaclyn Hill, and inspired by Kylie Jenner is a hot new product that looks great with several color your Smile glosses. Check out this demo video to see why beauty experts love it…

Remember — October is breast cancer awareness month. Please support special promotions and help rid the world of breast cancer in our lifetime!

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