Teeth Discolored?

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and white teeth are part of the picture. Over time, teeth become discolored and those pearly whites can fade to a less attractive yellow or subtle shade of … brown. The natural aging process is often the culprit.

Wear and tear take their toll as do the foods we eat or drink. Coffee drinkers won’t want to hear this but remember that subtle shade of brown mentioned earlier? Yep. Have you ever tried to remove a coffee stain from clothing? What makes you think your favorite beverage has any less effect on your teeth? Red wine and tobacco (smoked or chewed) can also do a number on your once-sparkling grill. Teetotalers are also not exempt.

Discoloration can impact self esteem and appearance. It can affect the way people view us–not such a good thing when interviewing or meeting new people. We used to have to live with it, but not today. Several years ago, teeth whitening processes turned all of that around. In the beginning these processes were crude, lengthy and uncomfortable; some still are. But today we have choices. Visit http://www.whiteninglightning.com to learn about Whitening Lightning products. Be sure to check out our Zero White products, while you’re there.

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